Garment Inspection

Garment Inspection

We can inspect at every stage and angle of your business process offering inspection on General Apparel, Towel, Blanket, Bed cover, Shirt, T-shirt and Footwear.

By performing inspections throughout the production process, companies are able to identify problems early with the goal of eliminating the causes. Utilized correctly, inspections save money by eliminating process problems and ensuring that the product meets your customers’ requirements and expectations. A consistent inspection program also reduces warranty costs, losses in productivity, and time involved in shipping products back to the factory.

Service Offering :

Factory Audit (FA)
The Factory Audit is report all the important elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities, etc

Suggestion To Choosing Reliably Company (STCRC)
We could offer which reliably company to take care your order, in this case you should careful when placing an order, so many buyer get bound because their so trust when having conversation before making decision.

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
Inspect production when at least around 20% of the order has been completed from product specifications, packaging, packing and marking are meet, also giving supplier recommendations on site, that would be quality is maintained to meet requirement.

Our team would be monitoring all production when requested, if the expected production capacity is reached to complete the order on time.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
The Inspection for quality of production is in accordance with the specifications or purchase orders.

Container Loading Check (CLC)
Checking the quality and quantity of the goods to be shipped to make sure everything should be delivered well, the inspectormust monitors all product loaded into the container is in good condition, according to the quantity specified in the purchase order.